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Water Rescue- Aultman Run Boat access
Fri. Jan 1st 2021

Dec 30, 2020 the Indiana County Water Rescue Team was Activated for one kayak capsized, reportedly in the area of Aultman Run boat access along the Conemaugh River. One victim was reported to be in the water clinging to a tree. The victim was reported to be staying afloat and was wearing a PFD. A second person was with the victim and was still in his kayak.

120 Assistant 2 (120A2) went on scene first and forced entry through a gate along Clarksburg Road. 120A2 then established command and made audible contact with the victims once he was able to make it to the flood waters' edge. 120A2 proceeded to advise incoming units that ice would need to be broken at the launch and boat(s) would need to be deployed for rescue.

120 Dive trailer, 120 Boat 1, Utility 122, and Service 124 were the next arriving units. Blairsville Water Rescue Team (BWRT) Water Rescue Technicians donned appropriate PPE and immediately began working on clearing the approximately 1" thick ice at the 'launch area' so Inflatables could be safely launched.

Next on scene were 131 (Saltsburg FD) and 330 (Tunnelton FD) units. 131/330 Water Rescue personnel also donned appropriate PPE and both of 131's inflatable boats were quickly launched.

Shortly thereafter initial contact was made with the victim across the flooded Aultman Bay.

131 Boat 1 removed the victim from the water and ferried the victim back to the boat launch area where Citizen's Ambulance Service took over patient care. 131 Boat 2 stayed with the second person in the kayak - as he was able to paddle himself back to shore once his partner was rescued.

131 Boats made one more trip across the bay to recover lost belongings before all boats and personnel were removed from the water.

Great work to all parties involved during this multi-agency Water Rescue response.

28 entries in the Call History

28 entries in the Call History

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Fri. Jan 1st 2021
Dec 30, 2020 the Indiana County Water Rescue Team was Activated for one kayak capsized, reportedly in the area of Aultman Run boat access along the Conemaugh River. One victim was reported to be in th...
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